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Moving House


  1. Check the time of day you can move in before booking with a mover. Most moves should be organized to arrive at the new home after 3:00PM to allow time for getting keys from the lawyer - check with your lawyer about this. Some movers only start moves early in the morning, when in fact you may want a mid to late morning start - this avoids overtime and waiting time charges.

  2. Check with your insurance company about insurance for your move. All home owners policies cover you for all of your contents while in transit - a lot of movers will try to upsell you on insurance. .

  3. Paints, propane tanks, certain liquids and flammable items are not allowed to be transported on the truck but the movers will assist you in moving them to your car if necessary.

  4. To speed up the move, if possible, have boxes located on the main floor and garage - this will save you time and money. Don't get us wrong, we will be glad to move boxes from your 3rd floor or wherever (this is a suggestion for your saving purposes).

  5. Try to tape all boxes shut. You can bundle together certain items like rakes and shovels. We are more flexible than most movers if you are improperly packed, however extra moving time will be required if boxes are not properly packed.

  6. We are more than happy to assist in disassembling and assembling of furniture. However, the more prepared you are the less time required.

  7. Please have parking spots at both-ends of the moves arranged in advance for moving day.

  8. On moving day it is important to fully communicate any concerns to the driver. He is a professional and is very courteous and understanding. If necessary he will contact his boss (the dispatcher) for advice and the dispatcher, if necessary, will contact Moe  In other words, you are in good hands on moving day.

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