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Our Services

Local Moving

Our most common services include loading client’s household goods professionally into first class moving trucks, shipping those items to your new residence and unloading accordingly.

Long Distance Moving

You wouldn’t believe how many families we move an eighth of a mile down the road. Whether you are moving from the north side to the south part of town, or you just purchased your next door neighbor’s house ,we can get you there.

Storage Services

M&M Moving ​and Rush Delivery offers a large variety of clean and safe private storage services.

Packing & Unpacking

Packing and unpacking
Planning a move can be exhausting, especially the packing aspect of it Proper packing of the stuff is essential during the move. However, we understand how busy people are and in case you do not have an opportunity to dedicate sometime for this process, we got your back. Cross Canada Moving company will provide you with professional packing services, with all the tools needed. For instance, Blankets, shrink wrap, Packing paper, Boxes, Wardrobes, Bubble wraps etc. We will professionally pack the truck, deliver your goods in a safely manner unpack and place your stuff in accordance with your preferences.

Movers You Can Trust

Long Distance Moving

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Our Happy Customers

“Highly Professional. Very Responsive. Easy to Work With. Thank you M&M Moving and Rush Delivery for helping us move a very heavy treadmill within 12 hours of us requesting service! M&M Moving and Rush Delivery went above and beyond to move a treadmill down a very narrow and steep set of stairs! I would highly recommend working with them.” 

Laura Beatty

Moving to a new city can be both an exciting but also stressful experience. However, with our expert local and long-distance team's assistance, you can make it simpler than you imagine! We provide various moving services, including local moving, long-distance moving storage, packing and unpacking, and pre-move consults to ensure your move goes without an issue. Contact us today for more about our exceptional moving services for Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal!

Local Moving Services

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Counting Boxes

If you're planning to move to a new area or require assistance with moving your belongings, it is recommended to consider hiring an M&M Moving local moving company. We're quicker as well as more effective than conventional movers as well. Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal residents can rely on M&M Moving to care for their moving requirements.

We provide low-cost and safe moving services to the Ontario area. Our experienced movers are proficient in moving and packing everything from tiny apartments to big houses. Contact us now to arrange your complimentary consultation!

Long Distance Moving

If you're planning to move far distances, look at the services provided within Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. M & M Moving Company offers the best efficient facilities for moving large Items. Toronto is home to a large port that can handle large cargo vessels, and Ottawa has plenty of storage and warehouse facilities.

Montreal is also famous for its extensive transport network. You can get all the necessary equipment and assistance at M&M Moving to efficiently and safely move your possessions.

We provide a range of services for moving, from large-scale house moves to apartment moves. We'll be there for every aspect to ensure your move is as easy as possible.

Moving a Couch

Storage Services

If you're searching for the best storage solutions within Toronto, Ottawa, or Montreal, You'll be pleased to know that there are myriad options accessible through M&M Moving. There is mini storage, self-storage, as well as garage storage. It doesn't matter if you need space to store seasonal possessions or storage space for everyday items; it's possible to find the ideal solution. You'll find the right solution to your requirements with so many options in each city. The great thing is that you'll be able to discover what you require regardless of the budget. Whether you're looking for an area that is small enough for your personal belongings or a larger storage unit for your entire studio, we have the space you're looking for.

Packing and unpacking services

Are you searching for an affordable, reliable and reliable move packing and unpacking service for Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal? It will help if you look no further than M&M Moving. Moving can be difficult, but it can be made simpler with the assistance of M&M Moving experts.

Our experienced team of moving experts can handle all of your packing and unpacking requirements quickly and effectively. Our professionals will do all they can to ensure that your possessions arrive safely and in the same condition as when they left the house. We also provide a broad selection of moving services, including long-distance and local moves. Contact us today for more about our services for moving or to set up a free meeting.

Professional Fitness Equipment Movers located in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. You've put time and money into building your fitness center. If it's time to leave, it's important to take the same care when moving your fitness equipment and machines.

Many people are tempted to move their equipment at home, but working with professionals in moving gyms at home will reduce the chance of damaging your gym equipment, which could cause you to be unable to continue during your next exercise.

Let it be a Piece of M&M Moving & Storage to help you move your home gym in an easy circumstance. Call us and tell us what gym equipment in your home you'd like moved, and we'll take care of the lifting for you.

Fitness Equipment for Moving We Can Move 

It's always recommended to contact us to determine what equipment and equipment at your home gym you require to move. Certain larger equipment requires an additional pair of hands and an overview of the manufacturer's assembly instructions.

It's safe to rest assured that we're experienced in moving all kinds of equipment and machines. You must provide all the information regarding the equipment so that Piece of M&M Moving & Storage is prepared for your gym's move home.

Do Exercise Equipment and Movers Move? 

Moving heavy objects and equipment can be a hassle. Even if you're robust, you'll also have lots of work and a large amount of furniture that needs to be moved.

Fortunately, those movers are willing to transport your fitness gear on your behalf.

M&M Moving Company is an economical alternative in the long term because they minimize the possibility of losing or broken equipment. They also provide an easier method of moving large objects if you suffer mobility or back issues.

Before we dive into the best practices for moving heavy and light equipment for exercise, read these helpful tips:

  • The Best Interstate Movers Long-distance Moving industry is full of fraudulent moving companies, and when all your possessions are in danger, do not risk it. These are the best fitness equipment and movers.

  • What will the cost of your moving be?: This cost calculator will give you a free estimate of your moving costs and calculate the amount your move will cost. Input your dates for moving, the length of the move and the location you'll be moving to or from in the calculation and allow it to handle the rest.

  • Take into consideration moving containers. Are you looking for an economical alternative? These companies let you fill them up, and they take the load! They are among the top moving businesses.

Do moving companies move exercise Equipment? 

Moving companies are aware of the rigors of fitness equipment and pool their physical strength and expertise to ensure that your move is smooth and stress-free.

Lighter workout equipment includes smaller items like:

  • Yoga mats

  • Leggings, shoes and T-shirts

  • Jump ropes

  • Little dumbbells as well as hand weights

  • Free weights

  • The boxes of food and drinks such as breakfast bars or smoothies

Equipment for exercise that is heavier and is more costly to move is:

  • Elliptical machines

  • Machines for weightlifting

  • Weight plates

  • Barbells

  • Fitness Equipment

  • Treadmills

  • Heavy dumbbells

  • Steppers

  • Stationary bicycle

Do not allow yourself to mix and match your gym equipment when packing. Sort light equipment with light, and pay special consideration to collapsible or heavy equipment to avoid costly injuries.

Is it more cost-effective to move Equipment for Exercise Yourself?

Although moving heavy equipment for exercise is feasible, the long-term consequences of doing it wrong could be quite costly.

There's a reason that movers are frequently hired to help move heavy equipment. They greatly reduce the chance of your fitness equipment breaking or braking when you move. If you're living several stories higher, they'll stop you from pulling your muscle to bring the equipment lower.

However, using lighter equipment is more of a feasible task for the average runner. Like any other product, storing your small dumbbells and yoga mats in cushioned, sturdy cardboard boxes is recommended. Avoid the temptation to put everything into one box since that would defeat the goal of moving light objects easily.

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